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New Orleans LOUISIANA Vacation Homes

New Orleans, LOUISIANA Full Details   Property# [168]    Vacation Home Type:
Welcome to the Bougainvillea House

Bougainvillea House in New Orleans, LA
The 1822 Bougainvillea House is located deep in the French Quarter, part of an intriguing region known for its historic homes, paddlewheelers, legendary plantations shaded by stately oaks, cypress lined bayous, the Mississippi River, th

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Kid Friendly:No
Non Smoking:Yes
Pet Friendly:No

Are Vacation Home Rentals Right For You?

To determine whether vacation home rental is right for you or not, you should study the pros and cons of vacation home rentals and at the same time understand the limitations of hotel rooms. There can not be two opinions that the basic purpose of availing vacation is to get away from the drab routine of daily life and spend quality time with your family members and other loved ones. The extent to which you can enjoy your dream vacation largely depends on the type of accommodation you get to stay.

It is a fact that till some years back, there were only hotel accommodation for holidaymakers and there was no alternative. But since then things have changed and today most people opt for holiday homes instead of congested and prosaic hotel rooms. People have realized that vacation homes are indeed home away from home where you can follow your own lifestyle.

Most vacation homes feature multiple bed rooms, living room, dining area, a full fledged kitchen where you can cook your own food, ample floor space to freely move about and for children to play around, balcony etc. The other amenities provided by holiday homes are a flat television, computer with internet connection, music system, DVD, washing machine, refrigerator etc.

Most vacation homes also offer facilities like front desk check-in, 24-hour maintenance, house keeping, laundry facilities and concierge services. If your family or group size is large and if you are planning a long vacation, then vacation home will prove terribly cost-effective. As vacation homes come in different sizes and varying features, you can choose the one that best meets your requirements, taste and budget.

There is a popular misconception that vacation rental are unaffordable - but the fact is vacation homes range from the luxurious and costly ones to economically priced ones. Vacation rentals can are found in different type of locations. You can opt for one on the beachfront, in the heart of a city, in a calm peripheral area or close to where tourist spots abound.

As opposed to hotel accommodation, you can enjoy greater degree of freedom as well as privacy in vacation homes. This is not to outright condemn hotel accommodation as hotel rooms are best suited for persons planning a couple of days' stay and those on business trips.

Of course, it will also be wrong to infer that vacation rentals are completely devoid of demerits. If your family loves socializing and interacting with local folk and other tourists, then a vacation rental will be less than ideal for you. Again a family-orientated hotel will have facilities like creches, kids' clubs and child minding services throughout the day and this will be highly helpful if you and your partner wish to share some quality time alone.

As with every other choice you make, there has to be some compromises - but in the final analysis the merits of hiring a vacation home will far outweigh hotel accommodation.

Identifying the right vacation rentals on the Internet will not be difficult with the availability of such extraordinarily resourceful sites. There are many agents out there who provide a wide range of vacation homes in many parts of the world. All you have to do is to enter your basic requirement on the search form on their home page, and you will be presented a choice of properties for you to make your pick.

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